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Dual Puls Light
  • Dual mode HR & SHR to increase the treatment speed & client safety as well as allowing the DPL to be used for treatment of darker skin types. 
  • Dual filters ensure you have more of the appropriate wavelengths (colours) to optimize treatment results with increased safety.
  • Dual lamps with internal diffusers deliver an even distribution of energy over the full surface of the treatment spot. 
  • Additionally the reduction of stress on the lamps extend the flash-lamp life dramatically. 
  • Dual connectors allow for quick access to both treatment head sizes. 
  • Dual system cooling ensures the DPL will be able to keep up with the demands of the busiest clinics.     
Xen LED Phototherap
  • The Xen LED Phototherapy system utilises 3rd generation LED technology. 
  • It combines 410nm, 633nm and 830nm on one panel while keeping treatment intensities that outperforms all rivals.
  • New “Chip on Board” (COB) LED technology allows the Xen LED to pack 10500 diodes into one 5 panel array. 
  • With 3500 diodes per colour on the Xen LED array, the system can deliver the energy dosage faster so the treatment times can be dramatically reduced. 
  • Equipped with the Optimised Flat Distribution (OFD) Technology, energy will be distributed evenly on to the targeted area.                                              

  • The SWIFT HR 808nm Diode Laser.
  • Specifically designed for rapid hair removal. 
  • With the SHR (Swift Hair Removal) operating at up to 10 pulses per second and a treatment window size of 20 x 10mm.
  • SWIFT HR represents one of the fastest hair removal treatment platforms on the market.
  •  Designed in AUSTRALIAN and using high quality Diode arrays manufactured in Germany.
  • The addition of an internal compressor chiller.
  • SWIFT HR delivers reliability that meets the needs of even the busiest clinics.                                             


20 years of experience

Technical Support, Clinical Training

With over 20 years of experience in Technical Support, Clinical Training as well as Laser and IPL marketing we are able to assist you with many of the issues associated with the set-up and installation of your new technologies. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

New and Used Aesthetic Devices


AAD provides FREE listing for preloved/ex-demo/surplus/superseded and even some new Aesthetic Laser, IPL, RF or Ultrasound systems and accessories located in Australia only. Our aim is to support the Australian market providing you with a local resource for minimization of operating expenditure when it comes to setting-up, augmenting or just increasing the technology options within your clinic.

Providing Smarter Technology Options

Refurbish your Handpiece rather than replace

Today, with the commoditization of the Aesthetic industry both in Australia and Worldwide, Premetec’s focus is to provide options to the Aesthetic industry that assist Clinics in minimizing expenditure while keeping up with the market and current treatment trends.




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