Get Ready for Winter Treatments Now!

While it might not feel like it just yet, summer has technically finished. These last few hotter days are just the lingering memories of beautiful beach weather, but do not promise many more. With most of your clients thinking about rugging up for the winter how do you get them interested in hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments, that are typically only sought during hotter months?
The thing about winter, despite its colder months, its harsh elements can rival the devastation of a sun on a midsummer day. Indoor heating, air-conditioning, biting winds and less exposure to the sun, can all wreak havoc on the skin and body. Some common symptoms that clients experience include skin dehydration, dry and rough skin patches, chapped lips and even poor circulation causing an increase in fine lines and wrinkles.
Unfortunately, when the chilly weather sets in, we all tend to feel less like going out and instead just cover up, neglecting our skin. So be proactive with your clients and encourage them to take care of themselves. One of the best skin treatment machines to promote during colder months is LED therapy sessions. Many clients say that it invokes the feeling of lying on the beach and it is the perfect alternative to the dark and dreary days that winter heralds.
Particularly beneficial at the beginning and the end of the colder months, LED Phototherapy has strengthening and hydrating properties for skin affected by winter. As the light transfers through the layers of your client’s skin, it delivers deep hydration and protection through the harsh, biting winds of colder days.
The warm light also helps stave off the winter blues with the beneficial natural effects of the different light therapies. Regardless what your clients are looking for, there is a spectrum of light to provide the right treatment therapy for them. With yellow for pigmentation reduction, red for collagen boosting and blue for reducing the chance of acne with anti-bacterial lighting.
Do you have the right reliable equipment to offer your client the latest technological breakthroughs in LED Phototherapy? With the Xen LED from Australian Aesthetic Devices, you can be certain that your device will work the first time and every time. Utilising 3rd generation technology to combine the 410nm, 633nm and 830nm on one panel the Xen LED delivers treatments that outperform all the competitors in its class. This means that not only are results infinitely more effective; the treatment times are also dramatically reduced, with faster energy delivery.
If you are interested in providing LED treatments to your clients over the winter months, contact one of our consultants. We can arrange a free chat to determine if the Xen LED is the right device for your beauty business as well as discuss the different types of treatment which are right for your customers.

Anti-Ageing Treatments for 2017

The beauty industry thrives on innovation, so it is wise for any beauty business or salon to keep abreast of the latest modern technologies. One of the areas that are continually undergoing some new development or advances is the anti-ageing sector.

Anti-ageing can take place in two areas, the home in a daily care routine, and at a salon for an advanced treatment therapy to handle the more challenging problems.

At home treatments from lotions to potions, last year and into 2017 have focused primarily on protection against micro-sized particles. These tiny particles are one of the main caused of sun damage and ageing effects, so organic treatments to these are surging in popularity with customers. Another do-it-yourself treatment that is picking up is probiotics and a growing awareness of how beneficial good bacteria is for skin care and renewal. Another trend in the health industry that has transferred over to the beauty and skin care industry is super foods. With the importance we place on eating superfoods, it’s no surprise that our bathroom cabinets are starting to align with our pantry. Expect to see further innovative uses of algae, kale and good bacteria in the coming year.

For more traditional beauty therapy treatments, these benefits have been utilised for longer than many customers realise. LED light therapy is an effective skin treatment with machines able to gently stimulate skin cells to increase their production of collagen. By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, the LED device can provide younger, clearer skin with fewer wrinkles leading to a more youthful appearance.

At Australian Aesthetic Devices, we are one of the leading suppliers of LED treatment machines, with our devices able to provide rapid and reliable results. If you have been trying at home remedies with little visible results, try a course of LED treatments. With the right leading device and trained beauty therapist, you will notice a difference.

For more information about how your business could provide customers with the latest innovation in anti-ageing technology, contact us at Australian Aesthetic Devices for a free consultation.

New Year Resolutions: One key to Revolutionising 2017

At the start of the year it is a good time to think about the direction your salon is heading. Were there areas that could do with improvement for 2017? One of the best resolutions a beauty business can make is simply to “Focus On Clients More”.

In line with this resolution, here are three key ways to ensure you are focused on your clients.

  1. Experience the treatment

One of the best ways to improve your relationship with your clients, is to get the same treatment yourself from a competitor. The main reason for this, is to gain an understanding of the treatment from the client’s point of view and discover exactly what they are feeling throughout the entire process. It also gives you an insight into how other beauty therapists are conducting the treatment sessions. From points to avoid, to ideas you had never considered, experiencing a competitor’s laser hair removal machine can give you a better indication on how the rest of the industry is operating.

  1. Listen to your Client

Clients are never identical, and one of the best ways to gain a loyal customer base is simply by listening to the needs. By listening and talking with them, you can easily match clients to the treatments or products which are the best fit for them. Simply by asking questions you can build a customer rapport based on practical advice tailored to each client.

  1. Don’t treat them like a numbers game

Too many business owners treat their clients like a numbers game, more about cramming more into the day, rather than providing a quality service. One of the main ways is to remove the sales pressure. Don’t just think about what you can up-sell to your current client, or the new visitor, instead take the time to make the treatment an experience worth remembering.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of running a service business is focusing on the clients. It might not seem like it, but one of the most important aspects in business is your relationship with your customers. This year, try challenging yourself to improve your relationship with your customers, you will be surprised how small actions can lead to bigger rewards.

IPL Laser Machine and its Benefits

Did you know that women spend around 72 days shaving over their lifetime? It is also ranked as one of the most hated beauty rituals which suggests why so many people look for alternative solutions for permanent hair reduction.

With more customers, opting for long-term solutions over traditional salon treatments or DIY tactics, like waxing or shaving, it provides proactive salons with an opportunity to create a competitive edge.

IPL Laser machines, deliver permanent hair reduction and are the perfect way to modernise their clinic. Not only does the new equipment enable beauty business to expand their treatment range and handle more customers, but it also delivers a financial benefit. With quality treatment results, customers leave highly satisfied with faster treatment times and contributing to dynamic business growth. Delivering faster treatment times, also increase the customer turnover and delivers greater week-to-week profit potentials.

At Australian Aesthetic Devices, our Diode laser, the Swift HR was specifically designed for busy clinics to deliver rapid, permanent hair reduction while not compromising on quality.

The Swift HR is designed to be portable, eassily manoeuvrable between treatment rooms and simple for beauty therapists to use. With a treatment window spot size, of 20*10mm, it delivers excellent results. Combining Australian designs with advanced German Diode technology, the SHR treatment uses 20 pulses per second to deliver one of the fastest permanent hair reduction treatment machines on the market.

The Swift HR uses an advanced Peltier contact cooling providing superior comfort for clients during hair removal sessions.

Combining all these technical advantages with the permanent removal of unwanted hair for silky-smooth skin anywhere on the face and body, and it is no wonder clinics use Australian Aesthetics Devices’ Swift HR. It delivers even the busiest clinic the tools to offer the most cutting-edge professional laser hair removal treatments to customers within the competitive beauty market.

If you would like to join the number of Australian beauty businesses offering professional, permanent hair treatments with the Swift HR, for results that keep customers coming back, contact us today for your free quote.

Skin Care for Summer

The weather is finally warming up, and beachgoers are soaking up all the sun before the holiday season arrives. But before donning your bikini or going out in the bright sunlight, have you considered protecting your skin from pigmentation?

Pigmentation can take many shapes, from sun or age spots to melasma and hyperpigmentation. Whatever form it takes, it has the cruel ability to make our skin appear dull, blotchy or even age our complexion years. No one wants to appear older than they truly are, and the key to retaining clear and beautiful skin is prevention.

The best method to prevent the appearance of any form of skin ageing, including pigmentation, is to be sun smart. So, applying SPF 30+ to all the exposed areas, 20 minutes before entering the sun and reapplying, is the first key to anti-aging prevention.

I forgot the sunscreen, how do I battle the brown spot?

After treating pigmentation, skin appears smoother and younger almost miraculously. So, if you do have pigmentation, the battle for your skin is not lost. With any experienced beauty therapist equipped with the latest treatment devices, you now have several options to tackle unwanted marks.

IPL Treatment

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) can target unwanted pigmentation, simply by targeting specific skin pigments. A super effective treatment, it also has the bonus of rejuvenating skin and creating an overall healthy appearance. Depending on the severity of your pigmentation, you may require a course of treatments for the best appearance results. Following an IPL or laser treatment, your pigmented skin will darken before flaking away to reveal new, clear and healthy skin.

LED Therapy

Light Emitting Diode (LED) therapy is also a popular method to create an even and unpigmented complexion.  LED is great at treating a range of skin areas, including the face, neck and hands. A non-irritating therapy, LED is perfect for skin types that react to heat. It feels just like a soothing massage or hi-tech facial, while actively renewing your skin cells.

Should I wait to treat pigmentation?

If you are unhappy with your pigmentation, do not wait to treat it. Seek out a beauty therapist equipped with the latest devices which cater for skin pigmentation. Australian Aesthetic Devices is a supplier of leading IPL and laser machines, found in salons around the country. Salons equipped with our skin treatment devices provide more effective and efficient treatment so that you can book an appointment in your lunch break. Do not settle for a lesser machine, ask if your salon is using Australian Aesthetic Devices.

Get Summer Ready with an IPL Hair Removal Machine!

With summer just around the corner, it is that time of the year when beachgoers start looking for hair removal techniques. However, before reaching for your razor, have you considered other more permanent ways of removing unwanted hair?

While razors are incredibly effective immediately after shaving, they can also irritate sensitive skin and cause unsightly rashes. Not something you want on a perfect beach day! Shaving can also be a waste of time for people with darker hair as the hair can start growing within 24 hours.

Move over Razors – IPL Hair Removal is here!

IPL is a permanent hair removal system, similar to laser treatments, which removes unwanted hair. Unlike waxing or shaving, IPL hair removal is virtually pain-free and incredibly fast. With few side effects, you can get the treatment on your lunch break and be back at work, ready for the weekend.

IPL technology can remove hair from almost anywhere on the face and body. So no more hiding your body under clothes on the beach, feel confident and comfortable with the future of permanent hair removal.
The benefits of IPL are not limited to satisfied clients, salons and beauty therapists are also embracing IPL technology. With reduced treatment times, IPL technology enables operators to power through treatment sessions, while not compromising on quality or effectiveness. So as a beauty salon, if you want to boost productivity and profits; an IPL hair removal machine might just be the equipment for you.

So where is this miraculous technology?

Australian Aesthetic Devices provides salons with cutting-edge IPL machines. Our Dual Light IPL device is one of the fastest machines on the market with speeds at 10 pulses per second. For full backs and large treatment areas, the Swift HR delivers advanced results. Using Australian designs and advanced German technology, Aesthetic Devices are the ultimate combination of professional beauty equipment. With reliable results and satisfied clients, the Swift HR and Dual Light IPL meet the needs of even the busiest clinics.

Do not settle for a lesser machine, ensure both you and your clients are satisfied by using an IPL hair removal machine from Australian Aesthetic Devices.