Fat Freezing Technology: The Modern Alternative to Liposuction

It’s estimated that liposuction has been around since the 1920’s, though the procedure didn’t fully take off until the 80’s. It remains a popular treatment and in the US, it’s still the most popular cosmetic procedure. In 2010, an alternative fat-regulating technology made its way into the limelight. Fat-freezing uses modern aesthetic devices to freeze … Continue reading “Fat Freezing Technology: The Modern Alternative to Liposuction”

Can you Trust your Supplier?

In today’s market, purchasing new technology for your business can feel like a leap of faith. What should be an exciting time to transform your services, can make you anxious and unsure. What if you’ve just invested in outdated or poorly performing machinery? You can achieve peace-of-mind by spending some time in choosing your supplier. … Continue reading “Can you Trust your Supplier?”