Clients Will Travel For Good Laser Technology – Are You Offering The Best?

Are you offering the best laser technology?

Every salon owner today is looking for ways to address the demands of their client base- with the myriad of possibilities out there, a step towards better aesthetic business for everyone usually comes down to careful choice- and choice that is based on high-quality technology and training.

Laser hair removal is among the top 3 non-surgical treatments searched for by potential clients in 2018. As technology leans further towards meeting demand for less painful, faster, more effective treatments, we’re seeing a further rise in clients who are realising that the hair free lifestyle can be theirs at a lower all-round cost… and they don’t need a high pain threshold to obtain it any more.

It is important for clinicians to consider the tech aspects of high-quality machinery that clients are actively looking for. Clients ten years ago weren’t really searching for tech specifics when they booked for laser hair removal- but today, it’s certainly not uncommon to take bookings from a client who has travelled to access the diode laser hair removal service only you provide.

Laser hair removal machines of today don’t really hold a mirror up to machines of yesterday. With current models in high demand for their ability to offer large spot size, a faster pulse rate, German diodes and enhanced cooling, even the fastest machine two years earlier will pale in comparison to the technological defeats we see in products like SWIFT HR, which is specially designed for fast and effective hair reduction and removal.

However, while meeting demand is in the best interest of every clinician, it tends to go with the trade that busy schedules can place a wedge between clinicians interested in adopting new technology. This is why it is important to approach every tech update through a reputable provider, who understands the limitations of busy professionals who are simply trying to do the best for their businesses.

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