IPL Treatments: The Gym for Your Skin

Just like signing up for the gym, one session of IPL skin rejuvenation isn’t going to be all your clients need to see a long-term, big difference in their skin health. While most patients can see some improvements from one treatment, the noticeable benefits come from regular visits to your salon.

That’s where your business smarts come in. We recommend marketing your services like a “gym for your skin”, and offer an ongoing programme for clients to sign up to.

How Does a Skin Gym Programme Work?

Encourage new clients by offering a free consultation with your expert skin therapists, where you can assess their skin and advise on the best treatments for their skin type moving forward.

Create a tailored treatment programme for each client, so they can return to your clinic every 4-6 weeks, depending on the individual. To ensure clients stick to their programme, it’s a great idea to offer a discount to everyone that joins your skin gym.

When they see the noticeable benefits your IPL machine brings about, they’re likely to pass on the news to their friends.

What Can They Receive from IPL Treatments?

  • Pigmentation Removal – IPL treatments shatter unwanted pigments like freckles and sunspots. The treatment is attracted to pigment in the skin, which is gradually “flaked off” to be significantly reduced
  • Skin Rejuvenation – IThe non-invasive treatment rejuvenates and restores damaged skin, by penetrating light into the layer of skin where collagen is made. The heat and energy is able to stimulate new collagen to leave the skin looking smoother and clearer
  • Red vein Treatment – IPL treatments can remove red veins and capillaries from the face and chest, in highly targeted methods that don’t harm surrounding tissues
  • Wrinkle Reduction – The production of collagen helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as shallow scarring, to make patients look younger

Establish long-term patient relationships by offering free consultations and tailor-made “action plans” to help improve a client’s individual skin concerns.

IPL is the increasingly-popular option for skin rejuvenation techniques, that’s non-invasive and more affordable than many other treatments on the market, so more patients across Australia are able to experience the benefits.

For more information about IPL machines for your business, contact Australian Aesthetic Devices. We are a leading supplier of IPL machines and other aesthetic devices and equipment, valuing technology, safety and efficiency. Talk to our experts today and see how we can transform your business.