Keeping Patients Happy in the Aesthetics Market

AAD Feb Blog Post

The Australian aesthetics industry is evolving rapidly and with that evolution comes more competition amongst clinics. A little competition is healthy – it forces clinics to stay on top of their trade and ensure they’re offering only the best possible service to customers.

In a market where precision, dedication and passion are key, you’ll only stay ahead of your competitors if you’re following a few vital steps. As your trusted supplier of aesthetic devices, we’ve laid out three of the main mandatory rules.

Provide the Latest Technology

The average Australian customer is savvy. They know about the aesthetics market and they want the most advanced, innovative treatments. When they lead a busy life, they’re looking for the treatments that will be faster and longer-lasting than the options available before.

Opt for a supplier that uses global manufacturing and local Australian engineering and design, like Australian Aesthetic Devices. Our ISO 13485 is proof of our ongoing highest possible standards of quality, that you can then pass onto your clients.

Aesthetic equipment is progressively becoming safer and delivering better results, so make sure your competitors aren’t taking away customers because of their superior technology.

Offer Fast, Reliable Services

When technology breaks down, your entire business gets disrupted and cancelled appointments lead to inconveniences for clients. We can’t always help it when systems fail, but we can do something about it.

Ensure your supplier offers over-the-phone diagnostics so you can get machines back up and running if they do happen to shut down. A good supplier will offer a replacement machine as a loan, if repair is due to be delayed.

At Aesthetic Devices, we understand that your livelihood is dependent on our services so we do our utmost to keep that reliance and trust by ensuring you get fast service when needed, so your customers can rely on you.

Keep Staff Fully Trained

Safety is the number one priority in the medical aesthetics industry. Keep every member of staff fully-trained in the latest technology deployed at your clinic. Not only will thorough training allow you to offer the highest possible quality of service and results to clients, but it is also a major safety component.

There are a number of experienced training centres across Australia that specialise in providing training to aestheticians, just like the one Australian College of Laser Therapy so that all operators in your business have maximum competency in the correct operation and safety of the technology they’re using.

Get guaranteed reliability and quality machinery when you make Australian Aesthetic Devices your supplier. Our industry experts are dedicated to providing the most innovative technology in the sector and we offer ongoing support, service and training to all of our customers.

Give us a call on 1300 858 711 to find out how we can help your business become the best in the industry.