What to Expect from the Medical Aesthetics Industry in 2018

A lot can change in just a year in a fast-moving industry like the medical aesthetics sector. Around the end of 2016, we brought you our predictions about how the anti-ageing sector would develop in 2017. Before we look towards the future, let’s take a quick look at the other changes we saw in aesthetic devices and the beauty industry in 2017.

  • Fat-freezing became a more popular way to eliminate unwanted fat. Also known as “cool sculpting” and “Cryo Slim“, the method gained traction because it is non-invasive and less costly than liposuction.
  • Facials got a makeover. Traditional facials became a thing of the past in 2017, as celebrities began to sing the praises of more unique rejuvenation therapies. Treatments like platelet rich plasma therapy (the “vampire” facial) and oxygen-infused facials gained popularity.
  • Fuller lips became a 2017 “beauty trend”. There was a rise in lip enhancement treatments and quick treatments like this became more affordable and widely accessible.

With progress constantly being made in the aesthetics market, we can expect a lot of changes for 2018.

  • Technology is going to become the starting point for many innovations in the industry. Various apps are being developed to give patients an even clearer and more accurate view of how their treatments will look for an instant, virtual view of their transformation before it happens. This will give patients more confidence when going ahead with treatments. Technology will also give medical devices and techniques a push forward.
  • The “Wonder Injectable” will gain more popularity. A treatment known colloquially as the wonder injectable is set to attract more attention in 2018. It is being hailed as “the next botox” and is able to reduce double chins or upper-neck fat non-surgically. It gives patients a lift with its contouring properties.
  • Newer treatments will continue to soar in popularity. Namely, the vampire facial and fat-freezing technologies will build on their success in recent years. The treatments are cost-effective with minimal side-effects, so patients are choosing to incorporate them into their regular routine.

Australian Aesthetic Devices is committed to remaining at the forefront of technological changes, so we can pass on this knowledge to our clients. To make sure your clinic is offering the latest services, get in touch and start off 2018 by giving your business a huge boost.