Overcoming Skin Type Challenges in Hair Removal

Overcoming Skin Type Challenges in Hair Removal

Welcome back to our 2-part blog, where we’re basing our discussion around different hurdles that every skin type poses for laser hair removal. Where we’ve aimed to outline the major challenges surrounding permanent hair removal for every skin type, any outstanding questions can always be easily answered by a member of our skilled team. Be sure to contact us if you’d like to cover this topic in further depth.

As laser hair removal only gains traction in popularity, a broader variety of people with varying skin types opt for the convenient service. Laser hair removal offers freedom from the demands of hair removal that we’ve dreamed about, and now it’s more possible than ever, we can expect to see the number of appointments booked increase.

But laser hair removal hasn’t always been accessible to a range of skin types. Moving on from our previous blog, here’s why treating the range of skin types is challenging.

In the process of laser hair removal, laser light bypasses the epidermis and targets hair. It identifies hair by colour (pigment) and when dark colours are identified, light is converted to heat, destroying the hair.

There are six skin types:

Type 1 – Always burns, does not tan, sun-sensitive at all times.  Caucasian

Type 2 – Burn very easily, rarely tans, very sun-sensitive Caucasian

Type 3 – Sometimes burns, tans gradually, is sun sensitive Light Olive/ Asian

Type 4 – Rarely burns, tans easily to medium brown, rarely sun sensitive Dark Olive /Asian

Type 5- Very rarely burns, tans evenly and quickly, not sensitive to the sun Light African/Indian

Type 6 – Never burns, shows pigmentation, is not sensitive to the sun. Dark to Indian/African

For dark skin and hair, risks and complications increase, as laser light has minimal information allowing it to compare skin from hair. Laser burn is highly likely in the hands of an unskilled clinician.

However, with the right laser and a well-trained and properly skilled clinician, it is now possible to safely and effectively treat clients for hair removal. This includes extremely specific settings, test patchings, a period of extended sun avoidance and very thorough consultations in which the client is aware of expected treatment time and outcomes. A free consultation is an important offer to make as no client should expect permanent hair removal from their initial consultation – honesty is key.

Australian Aesthetic Devices are committed to ensuring the best for every client we work with. Our equipment meets the gold standard in hair removal technology. If you would like to know more about the advancements in laser tech that could mean bigger, better business for your clinic, contact our team of professionals today on 1300 858 711.