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Cryo Slim

Cryo Slim Platform is designed to serve to the most demanding professionals who are using looking at fat freezing technology to combine with RF and Cavitation for body contouring. It is a joint venture started in 2013 between Australian Aesthetic Devices with Molior, our strategic partner in Brazil.

This ultimate body contouring platform allows independent and simultaneous use of Cryo Handpieces. It also has an intelligent software, allowing individual control of each during simultaneous procedures. This means that the procedure can be performed in different areas or even on two patients, making faster treatments.

Main advantage of Cryo Slim fat freezing system:

The heat & Cool technology during Cryo treatment promotes heating of the area after the vacuum drive in handpiece tip is already attached to the patient. This heating preparing the area for the subsequent cooling process.

Ultra Pulse is a technology that uses momentary pulses to relax the treated area while the tip is attached and the ongoing procedure. This function significantly mitigates the risk of hematomas resulting from a Cryo Slim session.

Radio Frequency:

The Radiofrequency is a noninvasive and relatively pain free technology, being used to restructure and, in the long run, contribute to skin rejuvenation and body contouring. The tips of Radiofrequency Multipolar and Tripolar work on two frequencies: 0.8 MHz for deeper areas; and 2.45 MHz for the superficial areas.


Cavitation is the transmission of ultrasonic waves of low frequency pulse compression that promote tissue growth and causing the formation of microbubbles or microcavities. The progressive increase of ultrasonic energy makes these microbubbles collide resulting in implosion, producing shock waves to the membrane of fat cell.

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Screen: 15 inch multimedia touch screen
Cryo Handpieces: Touch screen, Various sizes, LED: IR (650nm) and Blue (470nm),
Heating: 37℃ to 42℃, Cooling: 5℃ to -11℃
Multipolar RF: 0.8 MHz and 2.45 MHz, LED: IR (650nm)
Tripolar RF: 0.8 MHz and 2.45 MHz, LED: Blue (470nm)
RF source: 300W, RF Power: 0-100J
Cavitation: 40KHz, 150W, Transducer diameter: 50mm
Energy: 0-50J, continuous or pulsed
Power: 200-240V, 50-60Hz
Barometric Pressure: 860 hPa – 1060 hPa
Cooling type: water, air and semiconductor
Dimensions: 93 cm (height) x 43cm (width) x 51 cm (depth)
Weight: 58 kg

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