Dual Light (IPL Machines)


Dual Light (IPL Machines)

Dual Cooling, Dual Filter, Dual Lamp, Dual Mode

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) systems are rapidly growing in prominence. A fact shown by the rapid increase in the number of IPL machines for sale in Australia. These IPL laser machines are an advanced treatment option. They use cutting edge technology to provide skin rejuvenation and hair removal procedures.

At Australian Aesthetic Devices, we provide IPL laser hair removal machines for sale to clinics and businesses involved in the aesthetics industry. IPL Laser Machines come in a variety of different models. They range from desktop models to standard floor types and more advanced heavy duty versions.

So for business owners looking to buy an IPL machine for hair removal or skin rejuvenation, it is important to understand how the technology works.

IPL laser hair removal machines operate using a very fast applicator. Using high speeds around 10 pulses per second, it reduces the treatment time required for large areas. So removing hair with the Dual Light IPL Laser machine is a breeze. Even for areas like a full back or the legs.

Using the latest technology, all our IPL laser hair removal machines for sale are designed to the highest safety standards. This is important when considering the technology used to remove hair and deliver skin rejuvenation.

IPL hair removal machines work by generating a broad light wave which targets the specific unwanted hairs. These high-intensity light pulses target the hair follicles to loosen the hair root. Using operator controlled filters, the treatment also disables the cell responsible while maintaining the highest safety standards possible.

Due to the technology IPL, laser hair removal machines work best at removing hair when it is actively growing. However, not all the hair in the treatment area will be in a growing phase during the initial treatment session. So IPL equipment works most effectively when spreading the treatment out over a series of sessions. While every customer’s hair grows slightly different, IPL laser hair removal is ideal for all skin types between 1 to 6.

Allowing the device operator to filter out harmful ultraviolet light, our Dual Light IPL laser machine can also provide IPL photo rejuvenation. The high-intensity short pulses of light penetrate the skin directly to the source of the skin concern.

Targeting skin pigmentation and removing redness, the light creates a heat which also firms skin and shrinks pores. With one IPL Machine, customers can reduce fine lines and wrinkles while gaining smooth baby-soft skin.

At Australian Aesthetic Devices, we have specifically engineered all our laser IPL machines to target unwanted hair and enhance skin texture or tone.

With a commitment to safety and reliable quality, every piece of aesthetic or IPL equipment is designed to deliver astonishing results. Customers treated for hair removal or photo-rejuvenation with our Dual Light laser IPL machines are incredibly happy with their amazing results. The aesthetic treatment outcomes result in no or minimal visible skin damage, so customers can immediately return to normal activities.

If you are an aesthetic business, looking for a device that provides results above and beyond market standards, our Dual Light is the answer. Contact us to talk about how we can tailor a package to your business’ needs.

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Light Source: Pulsed Xenon Lamp
Modes: SR & SSR, HR & SHR
Wavelengths: SR: 480-650, 800-1200nm
560 & 580 – 800nm Dual Filter
HR: 640 & 690 – 1200nm
SHR Large: 640 & 690nm
Spot Size: Small: 40 x 12mm = 4.8cm2
Large : 46 x 16mm = 7.36cm2
EX-Large : 20 x 60mm = 12cm2
Pulse Repetition: Up to 10 pulses per second
Tip Cooling: Sapphire Peltier contact cooling
System Cooling: Compressor closed circuit waterchiller with integrated heat exchanger
Output Energy: Up to 50J/cm2
Dimensions: 360W x 400D x 1200H
Pwr requirement: 240V 50Hz 15Amp
Classification: Optical Risk Group 3 to AS/NZS IEC 62471.2:2012
Used for Cosmetic Purposes only

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