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Xen LED - Phototherapy Device

3rd Generation LED technology, Tri-Coloured Array, Half your treatment time, Even energy distribution

The Xen LED Phototherapy system utilises 3rd generation LED technology to combine 410nm, 633nm and 830nm on one panel while keeping treatment intensities that outperforms all rivals.

New “Chip on Board” (COB) LED technology allows the XenLED to pack 10500 diodes into one 5 panel array.

With 3500 diodes per colour on the Xen LED array, the system can deliver the energy dosage faster so the treatment times can be dramatically reduced.

Equipped with the Optimised Flat Distribution (OFD) Technology, energy will be distributed evenly on to the targeted area.

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Light Source: Tri-Coloured COB LED Array
Wavelengths: Blue:410nm
Red:633nm &
IR: 830nm
Number of Diodes: 10500 diodes per System
3500 diodes per Wavelength
Intensity-Planar: 410nm 20-65 mW/cm2
633nm 42-140 mW/cm2
830nm 32-105 mW/cm2
Class: Class 1/B type
Pwr requirement: 240V 50 Hz
Pwr consumption: 400VA
Dimensions: Body (mm): 600(L) x 655(W) x 1300(H)
Head (mm): 450(L) x 300(W)
Weight: 60kg
Classification: Optical Risk Group 3 to AS/NZS IEC 62471.2:2012
Used for Cosmetic Purposes only

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