System down time not only inconveniences your clients due to cancellation of appointments, but causes you stress having to deal with these clients and rescheduling them. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that system failures can occur…however, our service aim is to keep you up and running with minimal down time so that you rarely, if at all, have to face this situation.

Typically however…most technical failures that result in shut down of Light based systems like Laser or Pulsed Light are as a result of failure within the “Optic” or the “Flash Lamp” portion of the system. Generally…this can be diagnosed over the phone, most simply by having you fit another head where applicable to the system and testing the unit to ensure it operates correctly…this simple test tells us if the head is at fault or not. Where the head is at fault, we can arrange for delivery of replacement or loan item to you.

With the assistance of the of the on-board sensors and fault monitoring we have designed into our systems, we will in most cases where the system is at fault, be able to assess what work will need to be done and the quickest way to rectify…in some cases this may even mean you will have access to a loan unit (if available) if we expect excessive delays.

Australian Aesthetic Devices and its people have a very long track record of excellent product and process support well after any warranties have expired. We understand very well that you are dependent on us and we treasure that reliance and trust.

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