Why A Great Supplier Is Your Link To Clinic Success?

IPL Treatment

Are you considering making a big investment for your clinic? At Australian Aesthetic Devices, we understand the agenda of the modern clinic and we understand the limitations and expectations commonly held by clinicians who just want the best for their valued clients.

If you’re considering investing in advanced tech IPL devices for your clinic, it’s a decision that is better made with the support and advice of a professional wholesaler who knows the ins and outs and expectations of the industry you lead in. Here are some of the things we consider when we suggest equipment for a salon with the big picture in mind.

Need more time in your clinic?

Clinicians are well known for pushing themselves to the limit with late bookings, early bookings, holiday-filled schedules, squeeze ins and drop out appointments- it makes sense for us to look at your schedule, including the amount of work you’re doing outside hours and as squeeze in opportunities and apply the numbers as a gauge that tells us where you could be saving time instead of losing it.

For example- some new IPL devices halve treatment times for hair removal. In an established clinic, this is an incredible feat. But in an emerging clinic, this is an especially promising place to start from.

If space is an issue for you as a clinician, you’ll be particularly excited to see highly effective devices becoming more compact than ever. As the modern clinic develops, so does the physical space it takes up. Clinics of today no longer need to make room for incredibly bulky machines  – the modern devices that are used for hair removal and laser skin resurfacing are far more portable and far less space hungry than their predecessors.

Every clinician worth their salt knows that an investment worth making is one carefully considered. If you need assistance choosing the right equipment, always refer to reputable providers who offer thorough training and manual handling advice when it comes to the products they stand behind. For more information about the products and services, clinicians trust us to provide, speak with the team at Australian Aesthetic Devices today.